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Dry Clean Only


Swimsuit season, is that you? Nope, but for a blogger there is no such thing. It’s ‘force yourself on a holiday whenever you get the chance.’ However, make sure you create a hell load of content while you have turquoise pools and iconic (read: photogenic) backdrops. So I did! I managed to tick off one…

The Big Freeze


  Woah, what the hell did I just experience? NYC served some pretty brutal degrees but I should not be complaining since I just wrote about the -28 a few weeks back. Either way, it’s different when you are committed to wear new spring collections, which I did most of the week, as we took…

Timeless Turtleneck


The simplicity of this catalog photo caught my eye. She looks elegant and polished in a lightweight turtleneck, black trousers and simple black pumps. I had similar items in my closet, including a turtleneck that’s approx. 8 years old. It’s been sitting in a drawer for several years but I held onto it because 1. it…

All White


Maybe I’m just ready for winter to be over, but I’m craving the color white a lot lately! I love the inspiration coat and wish I had a similar one in my closet. Instead I substituted an old tan leather jacket, and finished it off with practical sneakers in a similar color.  



Have you ever experienced the winter blues? This time of year I feel less motivated to exercise, eat healthy or do things I enjoy, let alone get creative with fashion. It’s a weird in-between; winter will be coming to a close soon, but it’s definitely not spring yet. So I’ll be sharing style-related ideas for combating the…



No need to adjust your monitor – that’s me in the inspiration photo! As I was stressing over the winter blues this week, I came to the conclusion that when you’re not feeling creative, one of the best things you can do is repeat an old outfit. Don’t get me wrong – I rely heavily on…